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fredag 15 januari 2010

A little info on "The Throw" + "Distance"

\\\///" THE THROW "\\\///###Throw with a smooth and simple form###
In the beginning the wrist snap i think is most important to learn.After that you should build up a good form and train on giving the disc the right angle at the release.After that you should work on the grip to get the smoothest release and then work on the balance in the form so the disc really gets all you put on it.
So long you have a good snap the disc will hold the speed longer because it will cut through the air faster with more spin.But if you would give the disc little spin then it would slow down faster because it would cut through the air slower and drop to the ground faster.

The best and most accurate drives comes from a smooth and simple form.You do not need to throw as hard as you can to throw the disc.The best executed throws are made with a simple and smooth form.

///\\\" DISTANCE "///\\\####A disc is meant to fly as far as you can throw it.####
This will maybe sound weird but to get most distance you need to have spin which gives speed and then you need a good line which gives the disc a surten turn, and then you also need to get a good disc with a surten stability that should work great to the line and then you need to work on the flow to get maximum spin which gives SPEEEEEEEEEEEED>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

those that not know what spin does I will explain now.
In the end of the throw your wrist snaps and the disc gets spin which will make the disc to cut through the wind much longer so the disc will hold the speed much longer.
If you don`t get much spin then the wind will slow it down and the disc will drop to the ground.

Try to copy something from the top players forms to put to your form wich will improve your distance and remember to practise it alot to gain distance faster.

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