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Likes to play discgolf in my spare time, a member of HDGK.Is a very active discgolfer in the summer. To be sponsored and travel around the world and play discgolf is my biggest dream.

måndag 30 december 2013

How I'm going to train for Distance Gain (For Future Distance Competitions)

(1). First of all I will probably do a lot of body weight training (mostly pushups and explosive cardio).
(2). I will also do alot of Studying. It's important to know how you should throw and which Lines to train for to be able to get Discs on sertain Distance throwing lines to catch the Wind best and get a good amount of Glide.
(3). Distance has a lot to do with Speed and Weight Transfer. I will train the motion of the throw to achive more and more speed which will put more Force into the disc at Release (if done correctly).
(4). The throw(er) has 4 important Aspects to get right when going for Maximum Distance.

  1. Forward Momentum (The Force That Your Whole Body Generates During the Runup "Mass times Acceleration=Force")
  2. Weight Transfer (To be able to Direct as much of ^that Force^ to reach the Disc and be in affect at the exact Time of release) 
  3. Distance Lines (To hit the exact line intended for the disc to Perform at its best and get the most possible glide effect from the Right Usage of the Current Wind)
  4. Disc Selection ( To throw the Best disc possible for Maximum Distance)

  • A Highspeed Driver (To be able to Cut the Wind and get to the "Top" as Fast as Possible Without Losing Speed)
  • Understable -2 to -3 (To be able to hold a Steady Anhyzer for a Long Time to Expose the Botton of the disc to the Wind Longer and get a Greater Glide on the Wind.
  • Fade 0 to 2 (A slow fade to not cut the Glide effect to early)
  • Glide 5+ (A High Glide Rating to get some Extra Disc Glide on the Wind Glide)
  • Weight 130g to 170g ( Lower weight for greater glide on the wind and heavier for headwinds or Raw Distance) Try to find the perfect balance between Glide and Speed Sustainability.

torsdag 26 december 2013

Discs To Beat the Distance World Record

I have been thinking of entering a Distance Competition in the near future and I have thought about some discs that can make it over the 200 meter mark. The discs I have chosen are DISCRAFT ESP NUKE, INNOVA BLIZZARDS, LATITUDE 64 GOLD-LINE HAVOC, GOLD-LINE BOLT, GOLD-LINE HALO and GOLD-LINE FLOW.

David Wiggins Jr holds the current Distance world record of 255 meters thrown with a INNOVA BLIZZARD BOSS 134g.

If I compare the discs I have written down I can now see that:
Flow and Halo is to stable and has not that much of a glide and it can be a bit to overstable for a 200 meter throw.

ESP Nuke has very good glide and it has a very good speed but it feels to big in the hand and a bit Chubby for what I'm looking for.

Latitude Havoc and Bolt:  In my mind I which I could throw one of them past 200 meters but I have to train hard to get there.

If I decided to go with either Havoc or Bolt I think both of them would have a good chance of breaking the 200 meter mark.
They are both very understable and they have good glide and the fade come very slow which is good for a long throw.

David Wiggins Jrs Throw was with a 134g disc and Havoc and Bolt they are both in the 160-175g range. Latitude 64 has started with what they call the "Opto-Air" which is the same air bubble concept as the Blizzard Discs. Opto-Air Halo could be a good call for good distance but I think Raw Distance would be best with 160g+ discs Because they conquer the wind much better. The bad thing about heavier discs is that they need more force/gram to hold the same distance lines as long as lighter discs because they don't have as much glide.

It all comes down to who has the best throwing form and who can put the most speed and force into the disc.

måndag 20 december 2010

Some pointers....

Some pointers..

100-200ft;(stand still) Some beginners use to hold the arm around the disc and use a short pull and don´t pull the disc straight. When doing so the disc will not get any speed and will drop faster to the ground because it has no balance and no air to get under the disc at slow speeds.(with only spin it won´t fly far)

200-300ft;(slow walk) On their way to progress they use a straighter pull so the disc will get a higher speed and more glide.

300-400ft;(quite fast x-step) They start working on the grip so the disc will get more spin so the disc will hold itself longer up in the air and fly faster.

400-500ft;(fast and controled x-step) They have figured the most things out and they are pulling the disc on a straighter line before release and they have gotten an almost perfect grip and they have a good weight transfer.

600-800+ft(quite fast runup and a very fast but very well controled 360 turnaround )They have figured out everything they need to know and gotten very good on throwing explosive throws and using all parts of the body to generate speed and power.

söndag 31 oktober 2010

torsdag 21 oktober 2010


Har testat ESP-NUKE nu ett tag och den är nog den disc som jag har slängt längst med hittills. Den håller linjen väldigt bra och den svänger höger lite senare än andra discar så den kommer nästan inte tillbaks så mycket på slutet. Ska träna upp mig nu i vinter och försöka bygga upp mer längd tills nästa år.

fredag 12 mars 2010

Distance 3

När man vill nå upp till de riktigt långa kasten så använder sig de flesta av en så kallad hyzer-flip när man kastar discen med hyzer och får discen att flippa över till anhyzer.Detta kast gör så att man får mest fart, mest tid i luften och om det finns en sidvind så blir kastet ännu bättre.

Distance part 2

Vi går vidare till anhyzer kastet.När man utför anhyzer kastet och vill ha ett så långt kast som möjligt så är det bästa att ha en sidvind beroende på om man är högerhänt eller vänsterhänt som korsar discens flygväg från höger till vänster om man är vänsterhänt och kastar backhand, och från vänster till höger om man är högerhänt och kastar backhand.
Det blir så att discen glider ut på vinden och får mer fart av att vinden trycker discen framåt åt sidan och att discen glider ut längre så att man får ett längre kast.

Distance part 1

När man ska börja lära sig att kasta långt så är det bra att börja lära sig att kasta discen plan mot marken om man inte har lärt sig det tidigare.När man kastar discen helt plan mot marken så blir det väldigt lågt motstånd för discen när den skär genom luften/vinden och den håller också farten längre när detta utförs på korrekt sätt under rätt omständigheter där vädret har stor betydelse.
När man kastar discen plan mot marken så är det stor chans att den går ditt du vill att den ska och den flyger nog också hyfsat rakt under flygfärden.

onsdag 10 mars 2010

470 feet /// 143.25 meter

Used google earth to measure on of my throws from last year and it said 470ft wich is a straight line but the disc itself traveled around 515 ft.The disc I used was a champion Boss 173g.

torsdag 25 februari 2010

fredag 15 januari 2010

A little info on "The Throw" + "Distance"

\\\///" THE THROW "\\\///###Throw with a smooth and simple form###
In the beginning the wrist snap i think is most important to learn.After that you should build up a good form and train on giving the disc the right angle at the release.After that you should work on the grip to get the smoothest release and then work on the balance in the form so the disc really gets all you put on it.
So long you have a good snap the disc will hold the speed longer because it will cut through the air faster with more spin.But if you would give the disc little spin then it would slow down faster because it would cut through the air slower and drop to the ground faster.

The best and most accurate drives comes from a smooth and simple form.You do not need to throw as hard as you can to throw the disc.The best executed throws are made with a simple and smooth form.

///\\\" DISTANCE "///\\\####A disc is meant to fly as far as you can throw it.####
This will maybe sound weird but to get most distance you need to have spin which gives speed and then you need a good line which gives the disc a surten turn, and then you also need to get a good disc with a surten stability that should work great to the line and then you need to work on the flow to get maximum spin which gives SPEEEEEEEEEEEED>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

those that not know what spin does I will explain now.
In the end of the throw your wrist snaps and the disc gets spin which will make the disc to cut through the wind much longer so the disc will hold the speed much longer.
If you don`t get much spin then the wind will slow it down and the disc will drop to the ground.

Try to copy something from the top players forms to put to your form wich will improve your distance and remember to practise it alot to gain distance faster.

fredag 4 december 2009


building your distance

when you start going for the path of distance your form could be most likely unbalanced in the start and maby have some foot faults and a bad grip, but that will vanish in time and you will get the form of a pro if you want to.

First step:FORM: mimic a distance throwers form,at least a part of it and practice it alot.Some say i almost throw like David Feldberg.But who knows.....I think i have a mix from 3 or 4 players.

Second step:LEARN: Play with better players and learn from them ,and they can maybe learn something from you to.

Third step:PRACTICE:Practice it and modify the form so it feels like "YOUR" own form and make yourself proud of making the best form for you that maybe others will mimic in the future.

söndag 8 november 2009

I am going to write about Distance.
This will maybe sound weird but to get most distance you need to have spin which gives speed and then you need a good line which gives the disc a surten turn, and then you also need to get a good disc with a surten stability that should work great to the line and then you need to work on the flow to get maximum spin which gives SPEEEEEEEEEEEED>>>>>>>>>>>>>.


This is what i have put together so tell me if you understand what i mean
those that not know what spin does I will explain now.
In the end of the throw your wrist snaps and the disc gets spin which will make the disc to cut through the wind much faster so it will hold the speed much longer.
If the disc doesn`t get much spin, then it will cut through the air slower and slow down faster.

lördag 19 september 2009

How much i have improved

2003 was the first time for me to see a discgolf cours and it did not take long for me to start playing.2004 was my first time to throw with a real golf disc but i could´t throw very far only around 100ft.Time passed and the years went on but i did not play so much under 2005 to 2007.2008 my eyes opened up and i knew what i wanted ,by then i could throw 350ft but i started to practise and watch the pros throwing on youtube and the 350 feet started to grow, 400,420,460,500 and now at the end at 2009 the 350 ft had grown to 525ft as my maximum distance.

So during the 5 years I have improved by 129 meters /425ft

2003:65 ft =20 meter Frisbee 70g
2004:100 ft =30 meter Pro-D Magnet 174g
2005:130 ft =40 meter Pro-D Magnet 174g
2006:230 ft =70 meter Pro-D XL
2007:295 ft =90 meter Ch Orc 175g
2008:460 ft =140 meter Z-Surge 168g

2009:525 ft =160 meter(the longest throw i have ever made :Star Destroyer 171g) my average is 450ft =137.16 meter

tisdag 15 september 2009