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Likes to play discgolf in my spare time, a member of HDGK.Is a very active discgolfer in the summer. To be sponsored and travel around the world and play discgolf is my biggest dream.

måndag 30 december 2013

How I'm going to train for Distance Gain (For Future Distance Competitions)

(1). First of all I will probably do a lot of body weight training (mostly pushups and explosive cardio).
(2). I will also do alot of Studying. It's important to know how you should throw and which Lines to train for to be able to get Discs on sertain Distance throwing lines to catch the Wind best and get a good amount of Glide.
(3). Distance has a lot to do with Speed and Weight Transfer. I will train the motion of the throw to achive more and more speed which will put more Force into the disc at Release (if done correctly).
(4). The throw(er) has 4 important Aspects to get right when going for Maximum Distance.

  1. Forward Momentum (The Force That Your Whole Body Generates During the Runup "Mass times Acceleration=Force")
  2. Weight Transfer (To be able to Direct as much of ^that Force^ to reach the Disc and be in affect at the exact Time of release) 
  3. Distance Lines (To hit the exact line intended for the disc to Perform at its best and get the most possible glide effect from the Right Usage of the Current Wind)
  4. Disc Selection ( To throw the Best disc possible for Maximum Distance)

  • A Highspeed Driver (To be able to Cut the Wind and get to the "Top" as Fast as Possible Without Losing Speed)
  • Understable -2 to -3 (To be able to hold a Steady Anhyzer for a Long Time to Expose the Botton of the disc to the Wind Longer and get a Greater Glide on the Wind.
  • Fade 0 to 2 (A slow fade to not cut the Glide effect to early)
  • Glide 5+ (A High Glide Rating to get some Extra Disc Glide on the Wind Glide)
  • Weight 130g to 170g ( Lower weight for greater glide on the wind and heavier for headwinds or Raw Distance) Try to find the perfect balance between Glide and Speed Sustainability.

torsdag 26 december 2013

Discs To Beat the Distance World Record

I have been thinking of entering a Distance Competition in the near future and I have thought about some discs that can make it over the 200 meter mark. The discs I have chosen are DISCRAFT ESP NUKE, INNOVA BLIZZARDS, LATITUDE 64 GOLD-LINE HAVOC, GOLD-LINE BOLT, GOLD-LINE HALO and GOLD-LINE FLOW.

David Wiggins Jr holds the current Distance world record of 255 meters thrown with a INNOVA BLIZZARD BOSS 134g.

If I compare the discs I have written down I can now see that:
Flow and Halo is to stable and has not that much of a glide and it can be a bit to overstable for a 200 meter throw.

ESP Nuke has very good glide and it has a very good speed but it feels to big in the hand and a bit Chubby for what I'm looking for.

Latitude Havoc and Bolt:  In my mind I which I could throw one of them past 200 meters but I have to train hard to get there.

If I decided to go with either Havoc or Bolt I think both of them would have a good chance of breaking the 200 meter mark.
They are both very understable and they have good glide and the fade come very slow which is good for a long throw.

David Wiggins Jrs Throw was with a 134g disc and Havoc and Bolt they are both in the 160-175g range. Latitude 64 has started with what they call the "Opto-Air" which is the same air bubble concept as the Blizzard Discs. Opto-Air Halo could be a good call for good distance but I think Raw Distance would be best with 160g+ discs Because they conquer the wind much better. The bad thing about heavier discs is that they need more force/gram to hold the same distance lines as long as lighter discs because they don't have as much glide.

It all comes down to who has the best throwing form and who can put the most speed and force into the disc.