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Likes to play discgolf in my spare time, a member of HDGK.Is a very active discgolfer in the summer. To be sponsored and travel around the world and play discgolf is my biggest dream.

lördag 19 september 2009

How much i have improved

2003 was the first time for me to see a discgolf cours and it did not take long for me to start playing.2004 was my first time to throw with a real golf disc but i could´t throw very far only around 100ft.Time passed and the years went on but i did not play so much under 2005 to 2007.2008 my eyes opened up and i knew what i wanted ,by then i could throw 350ft but i started to practise and watch the pros throwing on youtube and the 350 feet started to grow, 400,420,460,500 and now at the end at 2009 the 350 ft had grown to 525ft as my maximum distance.

So during the 5 years I have improved by 129 meters /425ft

2003:65 ft =20 meter Frisbee 70g
2004:100 ft =30 meter Pro-D Magnet 174g
2005:130 ft =40 meter Pro-D Magnet 174g
2006:230 ft =70 meter Pro-D XL
2007:295 ft =90 meter Ch Orc 175g
2008:460 ft =140 meter Z-Surge 168g

2009:525 ft =160 meter(the longest throw i have ever made :Star Destroyer 171g) my average is 450ft =137.16 meter

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