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måndag 20 december 2010

Some pointers....

Some pointers..

100-200ft;(stand still) Some beginners use to hold the arm around the disc and use a short pull and don´t pull the disc straight. When doing so the disc will not get any speed and will drop faster to the ground because it has no balance and no air to get under the disc at slow speeds.(with only spin it won´t fly far)

200-300ft;(slow walk) On their way to progress they use a straighter pull so the disc will get a higher speed and more glide.

300-400ft;(quite fast x-step) They start working on the grip so the disc will get more spin so the disc will hold itself longer up in the air and fly faster.

400-500ft;(fast and controled x-step) They have figured the most things out and they are pulling the disc on a straighter line before release and they have gotten an almost perfect grip and they have a good weight transfer.

600-800+ft(quite fast runup and a very fast but very well controled 360 turnaround )They have figured out everything they need to know and gotten very good on throwing explosive throws and using all parts of the body to generate speed and power.

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